Bikini Batter Vagacial Brightening Mask
Bikini Batter Vagacial Brightening Mask

Bikini Batter Vagacial Brightening Mask

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Brightening Mask with Natural Kaolin Clay and Turmeric

For use in spa for vagacials or at home vagacials 

Instructions :
Mix powder and water or apple cider vinegar until the consistency is thick and smooth like cake batter . If it’s too watery add more of the powder if it is too thick add more liquid

Apply Bikini batter paste on bikini and inner thighs leave on for 5- 10minutes then wipe or rinse off once dry 

 Do this 1- 2x a week for 2 months or until desired results achieved. Do NOT use inside vagina or inner lips

Use pretty cookie exfoliating and brightening serum with this regiment for BEST RESULTS! 

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Customer Reviews

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Takiaya Durham
Love it!!

I love this mask it works really well!!

Ashley Johnson

I completely love it!!!!!

Ashley Haynes
Great Products

All I can say is I love the products I purchased.

Ariel Banks
Good packaging💗

Can’t wait to try heard sooooo many good things about this product I hope it help with my darkness😩

Jayline Chavez

Looking forward to keep using the product, I saw the difference within the second time using it. Gives out a good feeling when applying. Definitely recommend

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