V-Steam Herbs
V-Steam Herbs

V-Steam Herbs

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The V-Steam Herbs come with both the Rejuvinating and Detoxing Herbs.

You can steam 2 times from this pack with one of each herb. 

The Detoxing Herbal Blend is designed for those ladies who are looking for a natural antiseptic that is good for cleansing, deodorizing, and will potentially relieve symptoms of Yeast Infection, Bacteria Vaginosis, and any unwanted itching or discharge caused by bad bacteria.

The Rejuvinating Herbal Blend is  specifically for the ladies who want to take things up a notch in the bedroom! The Rejuvenation V-steam Herbs increase vaginal lubrication, tightens, tones, and enhances libido. You will enjoy the relaxing experience of steaming and your partner will enjoy it after the V-steam.

Please read ingredients before purchasing to ensure you are not allergic.



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