pretty cookie spot remover
pretty cookie spot remover

pretty cookie spot remover

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2 product set !
Brighten your bikini line and remove ingrown hairs and scars with  Pretty cookie 50 exfoliant pads & brightening serum. 

 Result will be seen in 8weeks 

directions on back of products 

Lactic acid - from milk : treats uneven skin tone & hyperpigmentation, brightens skin , removes dead skin


Mandelic acid : from almond extract : exfoliates, brightens skin , soften skin , promotes collagen, reduce pimples & acne


Salicylic acid : remove bacteria, clears blemishes, unclog pores , brightens complexion, & exfoliates




Tingling is normal

Limit  sun exposure while using these products the powerful ingredients do not work well with the sun You should stop using this vagacial line if you experience any type of irritation, including:

  • redness
  • swelling
  • itching

If skin irritation develops after several days or weeks of using mandelic acid, salicylic, AHA, or BHA this might be due to overuse or sensitivity we want you to achieve brighter bikini but not if it causes irritation. 



Chemical   Exfoliant Benefits


Peels are chemical exfoliants, and are not only great for smoothing but also for brightening. The glow effect!


Safe & Natural Chemicals in Pretty Cookie



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