V-steam Revaginate My cookie
V-steam Revaginate My cookie

V-steam Revaginate My cookie

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 We get it ! Your cookie has NO irritation, infection, odor, or painful cramps! Congrats girl you got some good cookie ! The herbs in this steam is just for hygiene like showering ! Gently purify, nourish, & restore with this gentle V-tox ! 

Post- period steaming amd women with relatively regular, symptom-free menstrual 

cycles who desire cleansing ! 

This session is great If it is your first time or you are sensitive 

(Ideal for teens) . 

you can get 20 steams from 1 pack if you have our cookie steam seat. 2tsp per V-steam session . If using the pot method you will get 2 steam sessions from 1 pack 

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