V-steam The Bun Is Out The Oven
V-steam The Bun Is Out The Oven

V-steam The Bun Is Out The Oven

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The Bun Is Out The Oven: 
Just had a baby ? Restore the moisture and freshness of your cookie with this V-steam. If your cookie crumbled with tears, swelling, scar tissue and discomfort this service 
will assist and speed your recovery process.
come in when bleeding has stopped or slowed usually 4 weeks postpartum or after scars healed usually 6 weeks for C-section. 
also recommended after miscarriage or abortion.  

you get 20 steam sessions from 1 pack when using our cookie steam seat using 2 tsp per steam session. If you use the pot method you will only get 2 steams using 1 cup per steam session

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