Vaginal Care Routine To Keep It Fresh,Juicy, & Sweet

Everyday I follow this vaginal care routine to ensure my cookie maintains its sweetness and moisture. It is fine all by itself but I realize similar to your hair or skin you must take care of it. 

1. Slippery Elm Womens Daily Supplement sold by 

Slippery Elm Bark actually comes from a tree so it is all natural! The bark carries mucilage which heals the slippery tissues of the body including your "cookie". Taking 2 capsules daily will literrally take your vagina from 100 to 1,000 ! in the moisture department. This remedy has been used for centuries to enhance lubrication. As we all know your cookie can never be "too" moist! 


2. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

Before I eat anything in the morning I take a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar! eww it tastes horrible but it is so worth it when it comes to keeping your PH balanced. Anyone who struggles with yeast infections this is super important for your cookie because of its anti-fungalproperties. ACV has so many benefits that it is great for your cookie and over all health.  


3. Kegel Balls Sold by 

Ladies. Kegel, Kegel, and KEGEL! basically I insert this ball in my vagina like a tampon and squeeze it like I am holding pee without contracting my butt muscles. I squeeze for 10 seconds with my vaginal muscles then release. This is great to mak eyou even tighter or for pregnant women who want to snap back faster and to strengthen muscles for baby delivery. I do this 4x a week and I put them in before work so when im at the computer sitting down I can just randomly squeeze and excercise my vagina at the same time ! I take it out later in the day so like after 4 hours. I use applecider vinegar to clean it and wash it off. 

4. Cranberry Juice and Citrus Fruit 

All Natural cranberry juice is usually sold in a glass bottle not plastic. It has no sugars added and it is super tart so you may need to dillute it with water. Cranberry juice is great for our urinanry tract but it gives off a sweet odor from your vaginal juices when paired with pineapples. If you indulge in citrus fruit like oranges and pineapple then throw in REAL cranberry juice your natural vaginal odor will have a sweet odor behind it. Your vagina does not need to smell like berries and fruit but you are what you eat so if you drink lots of coffee, garlic, and smoke this is affecting your vaginal odor negatively! 

5. Natural Feminine Wash "Cookie Wash" '

Using your body soap on your cookie is always a bad idea! it may not seem that way because you may not see or feel any irritation now but your vaginal health is at risk when exposed to harsh chemicals, sulfates, and parabens. I love how fresh and moist cookie wash makes me feel. there are oils like olive oil and sunflower oil in it that keepyour cookie moisturized even after you towel dry. this is a foaming wash so I use myhands to wash and remember DO NOT put inside vagina. 

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