What Is A V-steam ?

The cookie cleans itself but women have used V-steams as a self-care ritual for centuries after having menstrual cycles, hormone fluctuations, babies, and a man’s penis to contend with.

Grandma's Recipe For a Good Cookie !

Most of our products are inspired by traditional family remedies my grandmother used in Jamaica. Historically, women steamed their sweet spot by sitting over a bucket or pot of boiling water and herbs. We use technology to make this wellness experience easier & more accessible for modern day women because the only way to get fresh cookies is to bake them ! Women across the world believe self care practices

1. Promote Rejuvenation

2. Promote Menstrual comfort 

3. Promote Moisture 

4. Compliment Postpartum Care 

5. Compliment Fertility 


How To Steam At Home 2 methods:


1) Boil water.

2) Add one packet or half packet of herbs and bring to a boil.

3) Cover with a lid on medium heat until your pot begins to boil.

4)Remove pot from stove and place on floor (carpet or rug).

5) Stand over the pot with one foot on one side of the handle and one foot on the other side.

6) Kneel down over pot (may want to put a towel around pot so you don't burn yourself)

7) Cover yourself with a blanket and stay in the kneeling position for 20-25 minutes and let the steam work.