Sweet Cheeks : booty deodorant
Sweet Cheeks : booty deodorant

Sweet Cheeks : booty deodorant

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Keep your cakes, peach, or whatever you call your booty  smelling sweet and delicious before it gets near anyones face! Yes you need to bathe first ! 

All Natural Deodorant can be used on 

  • inner thigh 
  • booty cheeks /crack 
  • under boobs 
  • even armpits 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Fatmata Iwuh
I love it

It smells so good😍😍😙

Kanisha Mullins
Smells amazing

The deodorant smells amazing! My 10 year old daughter walked in the restroom while I was applying it and she called me butt deodorant all day 😂even told her granny!

Sonya A
Smells nice

I love how this keeps me fresh all day smelling like peaches down there

Ayahtah Ramsay
Great Product

I love the booty deodorant or make you feel so fresh back there after you take a shower

Jasmine D.
Love the Peach scent!

It's amazing to put all over your body! I use it for my butt, inner thighs, breast sweat area and sometimes after my laser hair removal procedures if my armpits are too sensitive for my usual deodorant (and it doesn't irritate them). I enjoy every product I use from sweet cookies. I can't wait for them to expand into a Target one day (speaking it into existence).

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