coconut jelly wash

coconut jelly wash

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Benefits: moisturizing, soothing, reduces inflammation, antibacterial, softens skin, and anti fungal 

key ingredients: aloe vera , coconut oil, tea tree oil, witch hazel, almond oil , and shea butter  

Can be used as body and intimate wash for your cookie 


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Customer Reviews

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Cynthia Reynoso
Love/ Favorite

I bought all of the washes to try out. I loved this one the most. They’re all great but this one was perfect for me. I’m usually super sensitive to anything. I had zero negative reactions to this and it actually made my cookie feel better since I feel like I’m always off. Also feel like it balanced me really well. I tend to just have pelvic pain as a symptom when something is off and I didn’t have any while I used this product.

Chantal Garcia

I love this wash! It makes my 🍪 feel great! I also used it as a body wash and my skin felt soft and moist! My husband prefers when I use this one over the others. He says my cookie feels like jelly and he can’t stay away.

Cocolicious 😍

Love love love this wash. Love the ingredients and it’s great for everyday use . The only wash that makes me feel extra fresh and I love that it’s natural so I don’t have to worry about chemicals.

Love Sweet Cookie Products!!!

So, I've been trying for the yearsssss to find the right soap for my lady bits. I suffer from reoccurring bv and just as I was about to lose my sh*t, I washed with the coconut gel wash and paired it w. a suppository. And BABYYYY!!! I'm sold and a customer of sweet cookie for life now!

Farryn Adams
Love it!

Wow! It gets rid of that Discharge without leaving you dry and irritated, you can literally feel it moisturizing your 🐱! Smells kinda like coconut water and doesn’t have a much fragrance with is really good for me. I gets rid of that musty smell, great for after work outs or long days! I will definitely buy this again!

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