Cookie rePHresh Probiotics
Cookie rePHresh Probiotics

Cookie rePHresh Probiotics

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Probiotics are ESSENTIAL for women’s hygiene this formula is VEGAN & All Natural




shot all in one capsule ! this is like the sprinkles, sugar, & chocolate chip in a cookie ! This makes your cookie tastier and healthier than you could ever imagine ! We use high quality ingredients this is not your average probiotic we have 50 BILLION CFU this means its strong & potent ! 

Very strong formula that will keep your cookie healthy &  ready to fight off infection before it even happens . The key is to always maintain more good bacteria ! 
take 1 daily by mouth 👄

every month 

benefits : 

     • balances PH 

• UTI & YEAST bye bye 

  • Assists with yeast infection prevention 
  • 30 capsules for 30 days 
  •  14 strains of good bacteria for your sweet spot 

  • assists with urinary tract 

probiotics (good bacteria) and yeast that work together to maintain a healthy, acidic pH. 

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Customer Reviews

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Cookie rePHresh Probiotics

This is my second time purchasing this product and trust me it will not be my last. This is beyond a 5 star rating trust hands down I love it

Best thing I’ve ever brought! Periodt!

I’ve been struggling with BV and occasional thrush since I was 15. I would go to the doctor and they would prescribe me medication which would give me a quick fix and then I’ll be back to my regular problem. I swear people could smell me, it was so embarrassing. You see these tablets here! They were sent by God No smell No discharge and it even makes my pum pum taste better. I’ve been using it about 2 weeks now and I was abit hesitant to give a premature review but I just had to say that these saved me.
One thing though it’s abit expensive but worth it. I brought 2 in pink Friday sale if I knew they were going to be this good I would have brought more.

I’m in LOVE!

I no longer have any vaginal smell, none at all. I love this product if I would’ve know I should’ve ordered two bottles to have with me best money I’ve spent.

Best So Far

I have using plenty of probiotics over the years and this is the best price and solution. Recommend to everyone!


I was a little apprehensive when I purchased this item but thought I’d give it a try. When I tell you I’m sold on it.... wow!!!! You won’t be disappointed

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