Cookie rePHresh Probiotics
Cookie rePHresh Probiotics

Cookie rePHresh Probiotics

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Probiotics are ESSENTIAL for women’s hygiene this formula is VEGAN & All Natural




shot all in one capsule ! this is like the sprinkles, sugar, & chocolate chip in a cookie ! This makes your cookie tastier and healthier than you could ever imagine ! We use high quality ingredients this is not your average probiotic we have 50 BILLION CFU this means its strong & potent ! 

Very strong formula that will keep your cookie healthy &  ready to fight off infection before it even happens . The key is to always maintain more good bacteria ! 
take 1 daily by mouth 👄

every month 

benefits : 

     • balances PH 

• UTI & YEAST bye bye 

  • Assists with yeast infection prevention 
  • 30 capsules for 30 days 
  •  14 strains of good bacteria for your sweet spot 

  • assists with urinary tract 

probiotics (good bacteria) and yeast that work together to maintain a healthy, acidic pH. 

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